Monday, October 24, 2011

Journal Topic: Going Back

I am not going to go back to ___________again, because

Jersey City.  Because it was horrible.  And that's all I have to say about that.  

You need more?  Okay, I'll set it up for you.  My research led me to believe if we drove into Jersey City and took a ferry to Liberty Island, that we would be able to hang out with the Statue of Liberty for awhile and get some nice photos of the NY skyline while we were there.  I was with my parents and nephew.  My parents were not keen on the idea of us driving in New York City, so we were trying to avoid that.  So we followed the maps that I had carefully printed out and still got lost.  We stopped at a McDonald's to get directions and were told that we would have to buy something in order to get directions.  We bought a coke.  My mother and nephew needed to use the restroom, but in order to get the key, we were told we had to buy something.  We bought two more cokes.  We ended up buying another coke after that for some other reason - I think my dad had to use the restroom too - but I am certain they did that to us because we were obviously from out of town and had southern accents.  

So aside from that experience, the roads were horrible, we got lost trying to find our way around, and we got to the ferry after the last one had already gone.  So yeah, I have no desire to go back there ever again.  Next time, I believe I will brave the streets of NY and just deal with the traffic and the expensive parking, because that was the worst day of our entire vacation. 

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