Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Dog's Life

My name is Kaylee.  Jon got me when I was a puppy. My mom had puppies and her owner couldn't keep all of us, so she gave me to Jon.  He lived in an apartment by himself, and I think he wanted company.  I'm convinced he picked me because I was the same color as his carpet and all his furniture.  No, seriously - everything the guy owns is the exact color of my fur! Of course, it's a pretty awesome color!  Jon thinks he taught me a lot of tricks, but really, I taught him to be a great pet owner!  I'm pretty sure he loved me right away, I mean, I'm pretty lovable.  I have tons of energy, and in that small apartment sometimes I just went a little crazy.  I would run around and around and around... but he would just laugh and let me do it.  Sometimes he would encourage it by shining a light around for me to chase.  It was awesome.  (he still does it a lot and I still love it)  One day, he had a visitor.  She was nice and let me lick her face.  I climbed onto the back of the couch and licked her ears.  She laughed and rubbed my head.  I liked her a lot and really didn't mind when she started coming around more.  She moved in with us eventually and spent a lot of time with me while she didn't have somewhere to go during the day.  Even though she seemed sad, I know spending time with me was fun for her.  I tried to keep her cheerful by being silly all day while she was home.  Jon started calling her "mommy" to me, so I guess she's my mom.  He's my dad, so that works for me.

We moved to a new house after she found somewhere to go during the day again.  The new house is big and pretty and has a big yard I can play in!  I jump off the porch and they both throw my favorite toy across the lawn for me to catch and bring back.  I make sure to get a lot of slobber on it so they can see how much I love them.  I bring it back and place it at their feet.  If they don't pick it up right away, I push it closer to their toes with my nose.  They eventually get the hint.  Sometimes people are slow.

One day, sometime after we moved, they took me to a place that smelled like a lot of dogs and cats.  They brought out a puppy and we said hello.  He was okay.  A little small, and he had a LOT of energy.  I vaguely remember having that much energy once.  They brought him home with us that night.  They called him Simon.  We started playing immediately and I decided I loved him.  He needs a lot of instruction, though.  Maybe I can help him out a little.

My name is Simon.  I had a mother and two sisters. We were abandoned by our owner and found wandering on the side of the road together.  We were brought to a local shelter and my mother and sisters were adopted.  I was not.  I started to wonder what was wrong with me, that nobody seemed to want me.  I was sent to a rescue shelter, someone said it was no-kill, which sounded good to me.  I went to several adoption events and watched a lot of my friends go home with humans.  But I didn't get to go.  Even when I looked at them with my sad puppy eyes.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the people at ARF, and I loved my furry friends there, but I wanted a home.  One day, two people came to ARF and said they saw my picture on the internet.  They wanted to meet me.  They brought another dog with them and we played on the lawn for a few minutes.  She was nice - bigger than me and a little bossy, but we still had fun.  I hoped so much that they would take me home!  We went back inside and stayed there for what seemed like forever while the humans passed paper back and forth.  They took my collar off and the female held me in her arms.  They took me to their car and we drove away.  I didn't get to say goodbye to my friends at ARF, but that's okay.  I had a new family!  We went to the pet store where I had been to several pet adoptions.  They put me in the basket and picked out a bunch of things - toys, treats, a new collar and leash, and other stuff too!  When we checked out, the cashier gave me a treat.  I felt like a king!  They renamed me Simon.  I had been called Enzo for most of my life, but I didn't care.  It only took a few times for me to get used to the new name.  I had a hard time with going to the door when I needed to go to the bathroom at first, but they were very patient and calm with me.  These people are so loving and affectionate!  I love lying beside them on the couch, with one of the humans on one side of me and Kaylee, my big sister, on the other side.  The other human is on the other end of the couch when we do this, so we both have a human to pet us and love us.  I also love to climb onto the back of the couch onto the pillow that mommy likes to have behind her head, just like in the picture!  I like to lay my nose beside her cheek.  It's how I tell her I love her.  And how I can watch what she's doing!  She likes to knit, and I like to watch her fingers move with the string and the sticks.

They have a big backyard and Kaylee and I love to play out there!  They are growing bamboo, and I have discovered I love to chew on the pieces that have fallen to the ground.  I also love to dig holes in the yard.  I suspect something burrows down there and one day I will find it!  Kaylee teaches me things, like how to sit by the door when I want to go out and how to get mommy and daddy to do things I want them to do - like give me a treat.  Sometimes we do things we shouldn't, but we are overall very good doggies.  We're pretty sure our humans think we are their children.

One day, mommy and daddy took us to the pet store again.  There was a pet adoption event, and I got to see some of my old friends.  They couldn't believe how big I've gotten and how healthy and happy I look.  "It's love," I told them.  "Don't worry, someone will love you and take you home too - then you will be as happy as I am."  I really hope that happens for all my friends, the way it happened for me.

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