Friday, October 14, 2011

Total Insanity

This is my schedule for the next two weeks.  It's completely insane.

Saturday 10/15
- Breakfast with a bridesmaid who has been out of town a lot and we haven't had a chance to catch up in forever
- Reception for my cousin's wedding.  They were married on Oct 8 in Boston and are having an Alabama reception for family here.  They had a medieval wedding.  We are having a Shakespearean wedding.  I'm a little worried my family is going to think we copied them.  I swear I had no idea what their theme was when we picked ours!
- Back home to let the dogs out and do some stuff at home
- D&D at a friend's house - our usual Saturday night activity

Sunday 10/16
- Homecoming at my old church, the church where I grew up.  I'm excited to see everyone again
- Shrimp Festival (eating very naughty food, looking at kitchy art, and hanging out on the beach!)
- Home to hopefully work on my wedding wrap, because I really need to get that thing done!

Monday/Tuesday 10/17-18
- Work
- Work on wrap
- Work on other wedding details

Wednesday 10/19
- Final fitting for wedding dress
- Work on wedding details

Thursday 10/20
- Work
- Get marriage license
- Work on wrap (if not finished)
- Wedding details

Friday 10/21
- Jon has a work function we are going to after work (looking forward to it!)

Saturday 10/22
- I have a work function that we have to go to (a BBQ cook-off, so at least we will be well-fed!)
- Bachelorette party!

Sunday 10/23
Theatre 98 Annual party (50th Anniversary Celebration!)

Monday 10/24
- Work
- Panic Attack
- Final wedding details
- House cleaning for guests

Tuesday 10/25
- Work
- Sit in a corner, rocking back and forth
- Final wedding details
- House cleaning for guests

Wednesday 10/26
- Work
- Nervous Breakdown
- Pack for Honeymoon
- Get the guest room ready

Thursday 10/27
- Off Work (yay!)
- Cleaning and doing final details
- Take some stuff over to the theatre
- Shopping for food we need for rehearsal dinner and reception

Friday 10/28
- Jon's Bachelor Party (which of course I'm not invited to, but I wanted to include it)
- Put together dinner for Saturday night so all it needs is to go in the oven beforehand
- Cook out for some friends
- Last night at home before the wedding!

Saturday 10/29
- Decorate venue
- Lunch with everyone who is helping
- Decorate some more
- Make sure food is taken care of
- Rehearsal
- Rehearsal dinner
- Staying with the parents
- Sleepless night

Sunday 10/30
- Wedding Day
- Get up early
- Freak out because something was forgotten
- Let mom calm me down
- Argue with dad about his need for a tie
- Get to the theatre at 10 a.m. to go over final details
- Beg someone to work a miracle on my face to make me pretty
- Get dressed
- Eat cake
- Drive home
- Go to New Orleans for the wedding night

Monday 10/31
- Get on the boat and enjoy the cruise!

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