Friday, July 08, 2005

Ugh. Here comes Dennis

Well, here it is. The forecast map that puts the landfall of Hurricane Dennis right through Baldwin County. Which, incidentally, is where I live. I was hoping it wouldn't hit Pensacola, since I was down there a few days ago and saw that they still haven't recovered from Hurricane Ivan, which hit last September. I guess I was hoping it wouldn't hit anyone, actually. Of course, when one is out there, you can't really expect it not to make landfall. Maybe it'll just fall apart in the Gulf. Can't someone make a giant machine that cools off the water enough to destroy hurricanes? I'm going to get right on that. I'd make millions. The government would buy the thing and use it every time a hurricane threatened the US coast. I'd make them use it when it looked like any of the islands out there would be threatened too, since those poor people get hit every time. I can see it now...

Okay, so maybe it wouldn't be possible, but it's not a bad idea, is it? You know, before Ivan, I was very nonchalant about hurricanes. In fact, I loved them. They were exciting and fun, and I love bad weather anyway. But after almost 2 weeks without power, a massive leak in my roof, and fearing that a tree would be in my living room when I got back to my house after the storm, I don't think they are fun anymore. Before Ivan, we hadn't had a storm for 25 years. Hurricane Fredrick was on everyone's lips for a long time, as they relived the storm every time someone else got hit by a hurricane. But Ivan has completely replaced Fredrick in most people's minds. Ivan the Terrible, they call it. Now we have Dennis the Menace (I just knew they would go there!) and it looks to be an ugly storm. Not to induce panic or anything, but I think everyone should be prepared.

The good news is, the storm will be out of the area before my trip to LA, and my boss said that even if we get a direct hit from the hurricane, I can still go on my vacation. So I'm pretty happy about that. All I have to do is survive until then. I'll post updates on the hurricane if I can. I'm sure we will lose power pretty early on. We always do.


  1. You always have a place to stay if you need it!!

  2. Can't. I work for a disaster relief organization now. I have to be here right after the storm to help facilitate food distributions, etc. Since I'm leaving on Thursday for vacation, I need to be here Monday-Wednesday to help as much as I can.

    But thanks for the offer. I love you!

    Have fun hanging out with your mom if she decides to go up there.

    I just wish it would go away. Speaking of that, what did you think of my super water cooling machine idea? Think you can help me develop something like that. I need someone with brains and hey, you've got some! ;)