Sunday, July 10, 2005

The 4400 and Scientology...

So is there a connection? Are the writers making them so alike on purpose? They really have to be, I can't see any other way they could be so similar. And by the way, I think it's hilarious. The only problem I have with it is, I absolutely love Shawn and if "The 4400" is some metaphor for Scientology, that means Shawn is about to become the leader of the "big bad." Because, no doubt about it, Scientology is a "big bad." So what is the ultimate destination of this story? I have been wondering this for the last hour, since tonight's episode ended. It completely ruined my viewing of "The Dead Zone" and now I have to watch the repeat later tonight. It's funny, "The 4400" has bad writing and acting at times, but the premise is so interesting and the characters are so much fun that I'm completely hooked. I was lurking on the Television Without Pity site earlier tonight and they were talking about the ups and downs of "The 4400" and I pretty much agreed with all their points. Especially the Scientology connection, which I saw during this season's first episode and has only gotten stronger from there. It'll be interesting to get the entire second season on DVD and really watch/analyze the series in one (or maybe two, depending on how many episodes there are) sitting(s). So back to tonight's episode, the big tension was about whether or not Jordan would be killed by a mysterious person. Despite all the security measures, he was indeed shot, and for some reason, Shawn couldn't heal him. But that's only part of the story. Jordan finds out about his death before it happens from Maia, and then he goes to see Isabel (the evil baby from the future?) and she shows him a future including honors, happy admirers, and a distinguished portrait of Jordan hanging on a wall somewhere. And I think he was older, because he had some gray in his hair. Anyway, his last words were "she lies," which the viewer would have to assume meant that he figured out that Isabel lied by showing him his rosey future. But the story continues... why couldn't Shawn heal Jordan? Is it his fate to die at this time? Is Isabel really evil or is she simply carrying out a higher agenda? Does this mean Shawn is next? NOOOO!

And another mystery, of course, concerns the fact that Jordan Collier's body has now disappeared. I swear, if they are setting him up to be some kind of "messiah" figure, I'm going to stop watching. Or maybe he's supposed to be the antiChrist. I can see Shawn being like the "false prophet" but that's absolutely not the direction I want to see this show going. Either way, it should be interesting to see how it all pans out. I wonder if the writers even know what's going to happen in the end... ;)


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