Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

Well, I just left my aunt's house, where we go every 4th of July. The kids swim, the adults chat, and we eat... a lot! Well this year, like every year, the food and conversation were both great! I always love seeing my family, and wish it happened more often than a few times a year for only a few hours. Later today, I'll be taking my nephew, Noah, to the fireworks down at the Fairhope Pier. I'm so excited about the fireworks, because I get to test my new camera on them. I'm sure the pictures will be awesome! This camera has never failed to get a great shot. Of course, I'll betray this camera as soon as I can afford to buy a digital SLR. Hopefully by the time I'm in the market for one, they will be a bit cheaper than they are now. Anyway, happy 4th of July to anyone who happens to be reading this, and be safe with the fireworks. I'll post some pics from the Fairhope display when I get home tonight.

Edited to add a picture of the Fairhope fireworks celebration. It was really pretty and a lot of fun!

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