Saturday, July 09, 2005

Boarding up

Well, we just finished boarding up my house. We are staying during the hurricane, so I'll hopefully be able to do updates during it... until the power goes out, that is.

I'll take pictures so I can post them later if I can't post them right away. Mobile county has been ordered to evacuate and so has Baldwin county south of I-10. My house is in a very high area and isn't near any water, so I'm not concerned. It's strange to go outside and see a beautiful, sunny day, but then to try to look out the windows and see nothing but plywood. I'm blogging from my bedroom right now and only a few slivers of sunlight are coming in between the pieces of plywood. Otherwise, my room is pretty dark. It's beginning to cloud up a little, with white, puffy clouds dotting the bright blue sky. These clouds are not threatening at all. As I said, it's an absolutely beautiful day in my neighborhood. I imagine tomorrow won't be quite so pretty. I just hope our pine trees don't fall on the power lines again. That was miserable.

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