Saturday, July 09, 2005

The long wait for Hurricane Dennis

Well, that's an impressive looking hurricane, isn't it? This photo, as well as the others I've posted of this storm, have been on the Weather Underground site, the best site for hurricane information!

Every channel on TV and every radio station is now talking about Dennis. This morning, the storm was 100 mph, which is basically a pushover when it comes to my area. My town is on Mobile Bay, but I'm pretty far inland in that town, so we never get storm surge or other types of water damage. But the wind from what may be a Category 4 storm before it hits land... it's a bit scary.

My dad keeps pacing the house, looking at the celing. There isn't any wind yet, but he keeps mentioning the roof possibly coming off. We are probably going to go to my church before the worst of the storm. It's about a block from my house, so we are going to wait until morning to see what we want to do. I don't want to leave my house. During Ivan, I spent the entire night worrying about my things and whether we would have a home when we got back. We did, and everything was okay, but it was very scary not knowing. And we didn't get the worst of Ivan.

It's strange having such a storm so early in the year. I've never experienced this before. Usually the big storms are in August or September. Fox News is reporting 32 people dead in the Caribbean, and there are "hundreds" of people missing in Cuba, according to our local news. There's nothing like looking at the colorful radar images of this massive storm out in the Gulf and seeing its projected path pointing right at you. And Pensacola... I feel horrible for the people in Pensacola.

Right now, there's no wind, no rain, no indication that there is a storm. I've just heard there is an outer band of thunderstorms heading toward me right now, so I guess we'll see some rain soon. I hope Fish River doesn't flood. It always floods during rain. There are so many people on that river who lose everything whenever it rains. It's horrible.

I used to think hurricanes were cool. But not anymore. I have sort of a sick feeling in my stomach right now. I don't fear for my safety, because I'm certain we will be okay at my church. I fear for my things. I don't want to lose anything I own, and I don't want anything to happen to my house. It's such a great house, and I have many things that mean a lot to me in it. I guess all you can do is pray that nothing happens to your home and make sure you are safe.

I probably won't be able to blog from my church, so if we do go, I won't be updating. I hate that, because it would be interesting to do updates every once in awhile during the storm. But I'll record my observations and write them later, with the pictures I plan to take. A day storm will at least offer a good opportunity to take some cool pictures. So I guess there is at least one bright side!

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