Sunday, May 01, 2005

Serenity News: Screenings Sell Out!

Universal has devised an unusual way to market the movie Serenity (coming to theaters Sept. 30, 2005) to the fans as well as those who have never heard of it. They created a screening day, May 5, for people to view the movie early (an unfinished cut) in 10 cities in America. Of course, there were no screenings near me, but I was certainly willing to drive 6 hours to Atlanta. Unfortunately, the fans looking to buy online seemed to have crashed Fandango and tickets could only be purchased at the theater. One Atlanta news source said the tickets sold out in 10 minutes. Kind of makes you wonder what all the buzz is about, doesn't it?

So on May 5, I will not be watching Serenity, but I will try to find a review online to post here. I will wait (impatiently) for September 30 to see my favorite heroes on the big screen for the first time.

Until then, Browncoats unite and help market this film in any way you can. We will make sure our Serenity keeps flyin'. (Serenity trilogy, anyone?)

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