Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven - Bloom's triumph

If there was ever any doubt about Orlando Bloom's ability to carry a movie by himself, it should fade away during the first few minutes of this remarkable film. Ridley Scott may just have another hit on his hands with this dramatic, violent, and utterly beautiful story about a Knight during the Crusades. It was a bloody time and it is a bloody movie, but Bloom pulls off a brilliant performance and carries the movie. Don't get me wrong, there are flaws. Mostly, there is not enough time to develop the relationship between Bloom and his love interest in the film. One thing that does not suffer from lack of development is Bloom's character, however. He grows a great deal in this film, from a blacksmith, to a barron, to the "savior" of the people of Jerusalem. In the sweeping, grand way that took our breath away in "Gladiator," Scott paints a beautiful picture, intercutting the grandiose, massive battle scenes with more intimate scenes of individual characters, either in the battle or watching it. Sometimes large scale epic films tend to have cheesy or disappointing endings. This one had neither. It ended just the way it should have ended.

In a time when eyes are again turned to the Middle East, as they often are, this film is relevant and important. It tells a compelling story and entertains at the same time. And, speaking strictly as a woman, Orlando Bloom looks great even when he's scruffy and dirty from battle!

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