Friday, September 16, 2011

44 Days

44 days until I walk down the aisle and onto the stage of the place I consider my second home, toward the man who has changed my life in so many positive ways I can't even count them.  44 days until I stop being a "havel" and start being a "powell."  44 days until I trade in the words "girlfriend" and "fiance" and become a wife.  And eventually a mother.  It hit me today just how quickly it's coming and just how significant the change will be.

44 days.  I have so much left to do.  So much to figure out.  We're doing a lot of it ourselves, including the food, so there's still a lot to be done.

44 days.  I am looking forward to it so much that I almost can't stand it.  As each day closes and I check it off my calendar, my countdown updates to show me how many days are left.  When he proposed in February, we had so much time to wait, so much time to do everything, and so much time to get mentally prepared.  I feel very mentally and emotionally prepared for this day.  Maybe not prepared in every other sense, but certainly in those ways, I am prepared to be his wife.

44 days.  I wish it could be tomorrow.

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