Monday, September 12, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about hobbies and crafts and stuff I want to try.  I'd like to try my hand at jewelry making - beading and even making beads.  I really enjoy making soaps and would like to do some more of that when I have the time.  I have so many knitting projects it's not even funny, mainly the big one - the wedding wrap - which is currently taking up all the time that I'm not spending working, freelance writing, eating, or sleeping.  I still have my crochet blanket that I'm trying to finish as well.  It's so bright and sunny and beautiful - I can't wait to use it as a baby blanket when that time comes.  (No, that's not an announcement of any kind, I just know that we will be trying at some point after getting married and will eventually have a baby, who will need a baby blanket!)

Other things I'd like to try include scrap booking, other needle crafts, sewing, and get more into photography. I'd also like to take some cooking classes, cake decorating, and learn to scuba dive.

And I want to get back to my creative writing projects.  I miss them sooo much!  Draha has been very neglected recently and it hurts me to not work on it.  But I will get back to it soon, perhaps after the wedding when things calm down some.  Hopefully!

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