Monday, September 26, 2011


Post wedding haircut?  To cut or not to cut... that is the question.  Or perhaps the question really is how much to cut, since I'm absolutely getting some of it chopped off!

I have always worn my hair short, usually in a bob, like this:

I have been growing it out for about 2 years.  So it's a little longer than this now:

I'm very tempted to chop it all off right after the wedding, just because I've been putting it back in a ponytail or whatever so having it long isn't really doing any good.  But.... Jon really likes long hair.  Should I compromise and do something in the middle?  I really hate dealing with the tangles it gets when it's as long as it is right now, so I know I don't want to keep it this long.  But it would be nice to have a little length so I can still pull it back when needed.  Maybe something a little like this:

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Objections?

Would it help to know that I plan to donate it if there's enough hair to donate?  I just really want to cut it all off, but will I regret doing that after spending two years growing it out?  It's never been this long before - maybe once in high school, but probably still not this long.  Hmm... decisions, decisions.


  1. Please dont cut your hair. I think you look great with it grown out. I cant wait to hear all about your big day.

  2. please dont cut your hair. I think it looks grea grown out. I cant wait to read about you upcoming big day.