Monday, January 18, 2010

this is it

Well, we have our first audience tomorrow night.  It's a test audience, invited to watch the rehearsal to help the cast figure out pauses for laughter and stuff like that.  We always do a couple of shows like that and it's extremely helpful, especially for the newer actors.

So the verdict at this point, after tonight's rehearsal, is that we have the potential for a very, very good show.  It's got some rough spots, just like most shows at this point.  And we have two nights to really iron those out.  Well, really three nights since our first paying audience is actually on Friday.  I think we will iron those out pretty quickly under the pressure of actual people not connected to the play watching tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday nights!

I'm a bit nervous about my voice.  It's been hit or miss these last couple of days.  I bought some lemon tea and am drinking it like it will save my life or something.  I don't usually have this problem, but since I've had this strange tickle in my throat for the last few months (not really sure what it is and it's not really annoying enough to go get it checked) I have this horrible fear that I'm going to have to cough right in the middle of one of my ballads!  I really hope that doesn't happen!

So yeah, no pressure and no stress!

It really has been fun, though - and I'm glad I did it.  I'm really looking forward to opening this show and seeing how the audience will react to it, especially to the parts that completely shatter the fourth wall.  That should be a lot of fun!

I'm equally glad it's almost over and I can get my life back very soon!  I miss having free time and I don't like going a week without seeing Jon.  So yeah, it'll be nice to have some free time.

But now is the time to focus on the opening and the run of the show.  I'll give it all I've got, and I know my fellow cast members will do the same!  It has been so much fun working with each of them and I will miss them when it's over.

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