Wednesday, January 06, 2010

short stories

I want to focus on some short stories in the coming months.  Short stories and flash fiction (which are even shorter stories) have never been my strong point.  I have a hard time with "slice of life" pieces, mainly because I like to include so much detail that it's hard to stop when the wordcount starts getting too high.  But one thing I've noticed while looking back on 2009 and my productivity (or lack thereof) is that I haven't been committed to writing different things.  I haven't been committed to writing at all.  I have a few ideas for short stories that really couldn't be anything longer - so I will hopefully be safe from the tendency to over-write.  These are not for publication.  They are simply to flex my writing muscles again and start slowly exercising the creative part of my brain as I ease back into a writing routine. 

So stay tuned for some short stories - after January, of course!  I may try to write one each month, just to give myself something different to work on while I do Draha and look for some paid articles and other writing jobs.

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