Monday, January 25, 2010

A Little Break!

So tonight and tomorrow night will be the first two night break from the theatre in almost a month.  As much as I'm enjoying the run of the show, I'm looking forward to resting these next two nights.  Especially since I'm suffering from vocal strain for the first time in my life.  I know better than to let this happen.  I'm trained to avoid it, but for some reason, probably the number of high notes and the one song that requires a lot of belting, even breathing and singing correctly isn't helping.  Two nights to rest my voice and then five more shows.  I'm not sure I've ever experienced anything as vocally demanding as this show.  It makes me wonder if I can ever actually carry a show myself.  Maybe I'm not cut out for that.  (My dreams of playing Elphaba one day are circling the drain, I guess!)  I'm a little nervous about lasting damage since I've never had this experience before.  I hope my throat heals in time for Wednesday's show and that there is no lasting damage!

I'm enjoying the run of this show so much, though!  The actors are amazing and the crew is top-notch!  I love my "co-star."  He's really just so much fun to be around and to work with.  It has been fun watching him perform.  It has also been fun interacting with the audience, which is something you don't normally do on stage.  We're not just breaking the fourth wall, we're smashing it down and charging right through it!  It's interesting to break convention and really look them in the eye.  I was uncomfortable with it at first, but I'm getting better!  My parents and Noah saw the show Thursday, my best friend Chris saw it Friday, and Jon and his crew (7 people total!) saw it Saturday.  I think that's all my people, unless my sister decides to come sometime next week.

After Sunday, things should get back to normal.  I have so many plans for writing projects and knitting projects and other things I want to do!  There are some professional things I'd like to do, too.  Things that will require some attention and study.  It'll be nice to have time for all that!  And time to see Jon more. He has been so supportive throughout this process and I am so grateful for that.  Now I want to thank him by devoting lots of time to our relationship and showing him just how much I appreciate him being so sweet and supportive.  And this is it for the rest of the year.  No performing at all until 2011, unless something truly amazing comes along in the second half of the year.  Some of the theatres run a different season and haven't announced their fall shows yet.  There may be a fall show I want to be in.  But nothing that will interfere with going to the Sidewalk Film Festival with Chris and probably Jon.  I will not miss it again!

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