Friday, January 08, 2010


Warning: A rant is about to happen.  If you do not want to witness this rant, please do not continue to read this post.  If you don't mind hearing me complain for a moment, you may continue reading.

So we got paid today, which is normally a happy thing.  But there is a cloud over the payday happiness that I can't ignore that is making me angry.  My anger grows every single time I think about it.  Because it's a new year and the tax tables have changed, my check is less.  It's not a salary cut, but it is less money for me to use for frivolous things like groceries and gas, so it kind of feels like a cut, if you know what I mean.  Add to that the fact that our insurance rates have gone up twice since I've been here and I've never gotten a raise and you can see why I'm bitter.

You really have to love working in nonprofit to continue doing it.  That's all I have to say.  Why else would a person struggle to pay bills and still work their butt off if not to help others?  I don't normally focus too much on money, but this is really upsetting.  I wonder what my tax return will look like this year.  It'll probably be a lot less too.  This just sucks.


  1. I hear you... No raises going on three years, and insurance premiums have gone up 15%. Gotta love teaching to keep doing it, too.

  2. Yes, you totally understand. There are a few careers like that, aren't there? The ones you really have to love. Sometimes, though - the rewards don't make up for having to borrow money to pay bills.