Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ug update

Ug rehearsals are going really well! The play is funny and the cast is even funnier! I absolutely adore these people and really enjoy the time I'm spending with them on this creative journey. Sure, it's a little silly, but it's a musical and my part is awesome, so silly is okay!

One thing I'm thinking very seriously about is that this will be my last play for a little while. It's time to rest up a bit and let other people enjoy the spotlight. I will probably try out for Chicago, to be performed in May of 2010, but I don't think I'll try out for any other Th98 plays this year. The next one has already been cast, and the following one is being directed by a friend who was in the last show I was in, so he probably won't cast me. He has a rule of not casting people he's worked with recently. The last two of the season are going to be good, but I'm more interested in watching them than participating.

I'll be honest - I'm tired. Exhausted, really! And I want my free time back! I love theatre, but I need a break to concentrate on other things. So after this show, I'm taking a break!

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