Saturday, November 28, 2009

Journal Topics: A Higher Power

Do you believe in a higher power? Describe what you believe.

Yes, I absolutely believe in a higher power. I believe in the God of the Bible, the creator of everything (although I don't really believe in a literal 7-day creation, not 7 days as we know them, I mean. I think days were not measured in the same way they are now, so a day could have been a thousand years or whatever) I believe in a God who sacrificed His Son for our sins so that we could have a daily close relationship with Him, because that is why we were created. I believe that He loves us and our worship of Him is something that brings Him joy and pleasure.

We talked in small group about how we picture God last week. It was very interesting. People were saying what kind of mental pictures they get of God when they think about Him. I've never really given Him an image in my mind. It's really more like pure light emanating from a core of light rather than a physical form. Although I will admit that when I imagine God speaking, it's with the voice of James Earl Jones. I know, that's a little strange, but I had an audio bible once that was read by James Earl Jones, so it just kind of stuck with me. He has such a majestic, booming voice, that I really think it works, though!

We talked last week about meditating on God, about just spending one minute thinking about God every day. I've tried to do that this week and have found it to be fairly difficult. It's something I need to practice more.

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