Saturday, July 26, 2008

sooo close

We literally have about five minutes of the show left to block.  I'm not sure why we didn't just finish the show last night.  Well - I know why, the director was being nice and let us go a bit early.  What's funny about that is that the stage manager, another actress and I, all sat outside and talked for awhile after everyone left.  It was nice to just chat after rehearsal. 

We finished all the difficult scenes, last night was my last very emotional one, so I feel pretty good about everything so far.  Next week, starting Tuesday, we'll be running Act 1 one night and then Act 2 the next until we can start running the whole show in one night.  It shouldn't take long to get to that point, since our rehearsals are about twice the amount of time the show should actually take!  No rehearsal today, but we'll finish blocking tomorrow and will hopefully be able to run Act 2 completely.  I really hope I haven't forgotten Act 1!

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