Thursday, July 24, 2008

blocking progress

We blocked the scene that I consider the most difficult one last night.  It took nearly the entire rehearsal to do it, mostly because each person has a lot of "business" to take care of before, during and after their lines.  It's also the most difficult because of the subject matter.  It's just extremely emotional, especially for the actress who is playing the lead in the scene.  To make things even more interesting, though, the actress who played a fairly large part in this scene went to the director with some concerns about memorizing all her lines and asked if she could switch parts with someone who had fewer lines to learn in this scene.  Wouldn't you know it?  She chose me.  So now I have more lines to learn and I'm almost completely off book!  I don't mind, though.  It's a great part and I'm enjoying doing it.  I got the part two nights ago and almost have all the lines down already.  It's not hard, so that's good! 

So anyway, it was a tough night.  My character sits on a stool the entire scene and just talks when it's time, so I didn't do much more than work on the lines and watch everyone else work on their blocking.  Tonight, though - tonight is going to be a very active night!  We'll be blocking a very fast, very fun song, and I know there is jumping involved in the dance because the director mentioned it.  This might be the night I wear my ankle brace! 

I love getting to know the other women in the show.  Last night, one woman who has been a lot of fun backstage (and really onstage too!) whispered to me that we needed to go get a glass of wine tonight after rehearsal.  This was just after the director said it was going to be the most difficult night of rehearsal yet.  Of course, she says that every night!  Anyway, so I mentioned our local Irish Pub and she said that was a good idea, so it looks like some of us will be going for drinks afterward.  I told her to be on the lookout for single men - she's in the National Guard and hangs out with mostly guys one weekend a month - and she said she would, but that most of the guys in her unit are married.  *Sigh* The story of my life.

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