Tuesday, October 16, 2007

so sweet

Today I had a brief reminder of why I used to love my job so much. I went to a retirement community to speak to the residents and pick up food they had collected in a food drive. The residents were so sweet. They collected almost 300 pounds of food, which is really good for a food drive. I love speaking in front of people, especially when the audience is so great. I've had tough audiences before, and those present their own challenges, but I find that I'm always able to find a way to connect. It feels great to make that connection. I think in this crazy, hectic world, people don't connect with other people the way they used to. It's sad.

Anyway, it was nice. Then I got back to work and was pulled back into my current reality. But for a moment, I enjoyed myself.

We had a fundraiser meeting tonight, so I got home late. I did manage to add a few points to my outline for NaNo and browse the forums a little. Now I'm going to do a little knitting and go to bed. Oh, such an exciting life!

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  1. Hi Anita!
    Looks like you are keeping busy. Hope I don't spoil your day, by letting you know that you've been tagged.