Tuesday, October 09, 2007

not feeling well

Well, I had to call in yesterday because I was sick, and today, although I am at work, I'm not feeling too much better than I was yesterday. (that was a truly horrible sentence!) I spent most of the day yesterday in bed and I sincerely wish I could have spent today the same way. Sinus infections are not fun at all. I feel totally drained and have had a headache for the last two weeks.

On a happier note, my parents gave me an early birthday present. It's a really nice digital camera! It's much better than the one I already had, and I love it! I tested it out a little on Sunday, but didn't really get a chance to try all the features. Hopefully when I feel better I can spend a Saturday just taking pictures and playing with all the different settings.

On another happy note, I finally figured out the perfect Christmas gift for my dad. I can usually get my mom a great gift and my sister is fairly easy. The kids are a snap, because they are happy with anything that is advertised during their favorite cartoons, but my dad has always been the tough one to figure out. I won't say what it is, just in case he stumbles upon this site, but I will say that it is perfect!

If you don't count yesterday (the day spent in bed) I've spent time every day in October working on my outline for Downward Spiral. I think this is going to be a great experience for me. In fact, it might even be helpful in the future, when I start working on Draha. I've only really written in one genre, so branching out into another one will be helpful, and I can take the lessons learned from that experience into my process for when I start the other genre. I think it will help me to understand voice and tone and why it's important to be different for different genres. I've been reading a book about voice recently and I feel like it has helped.

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  1. The entire populace of Alabama has sinusitis. YUCK. If I hadn't had to teach two classes today, I would have stayed home, too.

    I'm all caught up, now! ;-)