Thursday, September 20, 2007

lots of stuff

The event the other night was very nice. Everything looked beautiful, the food was incredible.. but some of the people who confirmed they would attend didn't show up. This kind of behavior makes me completely crazy. It's a sad commentary on our society when people take the time to RSVP and then don't come. We had this beautiful dinner and some of the people we were honoring didn't even bother to show up. How disappointing. Oh well, the ones who did show up had a great time, and our staff members who stayed to help had fun too, so it was fine.

I worked on editing Magnolia Tree some more last night, and did some brainstorming about what I wanted to write for NaNo this year. I'm still fairly active on one particular thread on the NaNo forums (The Singles Lounge) and everyone is talking about what they are doing this year. I don't really have a clue yet. I was thinking about After the Storm, but I might scrap that story for good. It's just not going anywhere and I don't expect it to anytime soon. I wonder if I should try the first Draha book? That would give me a good jump start on it anyway. I have pages and pages of notes. I know what I have so far will get me through 50,000 words. Hmm.. it's a thought.

Only 8 days until the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival! I can't wait! I'm leaving Thursday after work to meet Chris at his place and Friday we're driving into Birmingham to attend the entire festival for the first time ever! We always miss the opening night film because we don't take Friday off, but this time we both did. We usually don't stay for all of the films on Sunday either, but this time we are going to stay. This will be our third year going to the festival and it is more fun every year! I'm looking forward to it, obviously! It's just a weekend, but it'll be nice to get out of here for a few days. And, we're staying at the historic Redmont Hotel, which is supposed to be very nice.

It's nice to have something fun to look forward to, isn't it?

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