Thursday, December 01, 2011

Journal Topic: My life today

My life today...

I have no complaints today.  There is nothing wrong in my life today.  I have a job that, while sometimes frustrating and not exactly ideal, is a job nonetheless and I'm doing something I love to do with good people who seem to like and respect me.  I have a home with lots of space, filled with things I like to use and things I like to do.  I have two furbabies who are like children - in that they frustrate and fascinate me at the same time.  They are loving, rambunctious, sweet, crazy, and have their own personalities and ways of doing things.  I have a wonderful family and a great set of friends and acquaintances.  I have hobbies that enrich my life and my brain.  I have lots of creative projects in the works, and I am always trying to learn new things.

And last, but certainly not least, I am married to the most amazing man on the planet.  Seriously, if I had been able to build the perfect man, he would be just like Jon.  He's intelligent, kind, loving, and gentle.  He has a great sense of humor.  He's handsome, playful, and compassionate.  We love spending time together.  We have some fun little inside jokes and games we like to play - we love playing with words - using puns and such to amuse each other.  We will do that until we are laughing so hard we can't even talk anymore.  Nobody else in the whole world would be this amused at our little jokes, but we totally are.  I love that about us.

So yes, right now I have no complaints.  I've been through a lot in the past 15 years.  Some would say too much for any one person.  But it has all led me to this place where I have no complaints.  And that's pretty awesome.

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