Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Memories (bikes)

I remember the year my sister and I both got bikes for Christmas.  I'm not sure which year it actually was, but I remember going out to the tree that morning and there were two bikes sitting beside it.  We were so excited!  Because we lived so far away from everyone, and because it wasn't too terribly cold outside, I remember that we went straight outside in our PJs to ride our new bikes.  We had so much fun that day, and for a long time afterward, riding our bikes down the long dirt driveway that led from the road to our house.  We would go on adventures with our bikes, all over the farm land that we owned, even through the areas that our dad never farmed.  They were not our first bikes ever, but they were our first "real" ones.  And our first new ones.  It meant so much to have that kind of freedom and to have something so nice.  Our parents always tried so hard to give us everything we wanted.  What's funny now is the thing I remember most is now what we got, but the looks on their faces when we so obviously enjoyed a gift.  I hope I never forget that happy look as long as I live.

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