Thursday, November 10, 2011

Honeymoon Recap: On the Boat

Tuesday was our first "sea day," and we took full advantage of the time to relax.  We spent the entire day either sitting on the deck in the sun with our books, sampling food in the dining rooms, or people-watching in several of the various places available for that purpose.  We needed that day to relax, and it was heavenly.  See our happy feet and the beautiful water? This was the highest point on the boat that you could just hang out and read.  I started the first book of the "Mistborn" series and Jon worked on the newest "Sword of Truth" book.  Since we haven't had a moment to just sit and read, or sit and talk, or sit and do nothing in about 8 months, this was exactly what we needed!  We also planned our next day, the first day in Mexico.  We were to go to the Mayan ruins outside Progreso, Mexico.

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