Monday, November 14, 2011

Honeymoon Recap: The End

We did a lot of other things on the boat - saw some shows, had some photos made, ate some wonderful meals, but really do you want all those details?  Probably not.

After the two days in port, we had a day at sea and then the next day we were back in New Orleans.  The last day at sea wasn't as nice as the first one, since we were heading back to cooler temperatures and it was very windy.  We spent most of our time indoors, looking around the boat and taking some pictures.  I'm posting a few of those at the bottom of this post.

Advice for people who are going on a cruise, especially with Carnival:

- If you drink soda, do the "bottomless bubbles" program.  It's only $30 and gives you unlimited soda the entire trip.  We really liked being able to have coke with dinner and the one time I felt a little seasick, it was great to be able to go to the bar and get a ginger ale.

- They take your photo ALL THE TIME.  Be prepared for that.  I didn't really wear makeup, except when we went to dinner every night.  I would have probably used it every day if I had known they were going to take so many photos.  I didn't bring the every day stuff I normally wear and didn't want to put on my "night" makeup for day use.

- Make friends with your dinner companions.  We had some very interesting and fun people at our table.

- Don't worry about looking stupid.  You will never see these people again.  I should have done karaoke.  :)

- Shore excursions are great.  Do them if you can.  They are pretty expensive, but worth it because they maximize your time.

- Eat something different every night and try things you haven't tried before.  I had Baked Alaska and a souffle for the first time ever.  The Baked Alaska was lackluster but the souffle was amazing.  We both regret not trying the lobster.  :(

- Enjoy yourself!  Take the time to do NOTHING and relax.  Read a book, listen to music, talk to the people you came with.  Don't try to do everything because you will run yourself ragged.

So here are some photos of our boat, and then my honeymoon recap will be complete!

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