Sunday, November 13, 2011

Honeymoon Recap: Cozumel

Cozumel was beautiful.  We were pretty exhausted from the previous day's adventure to the ruins, so we decided to just chill in Cozumel, do some shopping and just look around.  In the touristy area, just after we got off the pier from the boat, there was a nice shopping mall with this beautiful garden.  We stopped and took a lot of photos in this garden, especially of the flowers, which I am not including here because there are a ton of them!

We both posed in front of the garden and took photos because we thought it was so pretty.  If you can see just behind us, there was a sculpture of a snake.  Jon thought it was funny to have the snake in the photo with me, considering how much I don't like that particular animal.  He's so silly.

This is just a wider photo of the garden.  I really loved it - the flowers were different from the ones we have here.  And yet, some of them were the same.  It was pretty cool to just sit and look at them.

This is the shopping area that we were in when we got off the boat.  The shops were all these little huts with the thatched roofs.  I loved it - so picturesque! Each one had different music and a different feel when you walked in, but they all looked so cute and uniform when you looked at them like this.

These guys were pretty amazing!  We stood there and listened to them for a few minutes on our way out of the shopping area.  It was very entertaining.  We also watched some guys playing while we ate lunch at a real Mexican restaurant (the food was amazing - so much better than the stuff we get here!)  so that was pretty cool.

We didn't sign up for any excursions that day because we just wanted to relax.  So we left the shopping area and walked around a little.  This was the outside of the shopping area.  I loved that bizarre plant right in the middle of the photo.  What in the world is it?  I never did figure it out.  We set off walking in one direction just to see what we could see.  We had kind of hoped to find a beach, but we never actually did.

We walked for about a mile and a half and found this little sea wall area where we could sit and watch the water.  So that's what we did.  We took a few pictures of this little area, but I liked this one the best.  While we never got to a sandy white beach, this one was pretty neat with all the rocks and the absolutely gorgeous water.  After sitting there for probably 45 minutes, just talking and enjoying the view, we headed back to the pier area.

They had some nice lounge chairs set up under some palm trees close to the restaurant where we wanted to eat lunch, so we sat there for a little while, looking at the water and watching people come and go.  This was the view of our boat from those chairs.  After lunch, we did some shopping - purchased a few more souvenirs for ourselves and family members, and then got back on the boat.  We decided that next time we would go diving.  I just have to get certified first!

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