Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Honeymoon Recap: Getting on the boat

If anyone has wondered if a cruise would be a fun way to vacation, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  After our wedding ceremony, we went home and grabbed our suitcases, changed clothes, and hit the road for New Orleans.  We didn't really stop to eat anything at the reception (except wedding cake, of course!) so we were starving by that time.

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel and had dinner on the way to our hotel in New Orleans.  This photo is of Jon at the restaurant on our wedding night.  You can see his wedding ring on his finger!

We got to the Hilton at 10:30 pm and got to our room on the 18th floor.  The view was really beautiful.  After a great night's sleep (really, this room was soooo nice) we got up later than we usually do and headed out to play around in New Orleans for a few hours before getting on the boat.  I took some photos of the Riverwalk and some other New Orleans sights.

We walked around the Riverwalk for awhile, and I told him about all the trips to New Orleans that we took when I was in high school.  He had been there a few times too, but not nearly as much.  I think we were obsessed with New Orleans when I was in school.

We ate at a sports bar - we sat outside because it was such a pretty day.  It was Halloween, so the servers were all dressed up in costumes.  After we finished lunch, we walked back to the car and punched in the address for the cruise terminal on my GPS.  We drove around for a little while because the GPS seemed to be telling us to drive somewhere we couldn't drive.  After asking for directions, we realized it was actually telling us the right way, we just didn't see the road.  We found it and went on our way.  Getting onto the boat was actually a pretty easy process.  We showed our boarding passes and passports and got right through the line.  It was maybe a 30 minute wait to get through security, where we showed everything again and they x-rayed our carry-ons.  Then we went to our desk and got our cards that would allow us to do anything and everything on the boat.  I loved those cards, really I did.  It's so smart to do it that way - nobody carrying a bunch of cash around or lots of credit cards.  We locked our wallets up in the safe when we got to our room and never had to touch them.

We were accosted by the first of many (many, many, many) photographers right after we got our cards.  When we looked at the photo later, we decided we both looked exhausted.  And then we boarded the boat.  This boat.

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