Monday, March 29, 2010


It's such an odd feeling, especially considering my personal circumstances.  Things are going so well right now in my personal life, I'm happy in a relationship for the first time in a long time, really happy.  But I still feel unsettled.  Tonight, I figured out why.  I like to have a plan and I like to know what's going to happen.  Right now, there is something in my life that is completely beyond my control and I have no idea if or when something will happen.  

Most people who know me know what that thing is and while it's something I'm not comfortable sharing in a public forum, please know it's not about my personal life.  As I said, that's going great!  

But still... feeling unsettled.  I have a big problem with not being in control over my own circumstances.  I feel very uncomfortable when I can't make decisions for myself or when I feel like I'm waiting for something.  And that's just how I feel in this situation... waiting to see what is going to happen.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel, I'm that way too and normally at the least I like to have a back-up plan, but I've been slowly learning that there's times when I need to just be ok with the lack of plan, or the unsettled feeling takes over. Hope things resolve themselves for you soon!