Monday, March 01, 2010

Atlanta trip and house/puppy sitting

We got back from Atlanta this afternoon.  Jon and I and his friend Chad all drove up together to see a concert.  There were a lot of bands and they all rocked.  The headliner was Epica, and they were amazing.  I love this genre of music, which I didn't even know existed until recently.  The music is metal, but the vocals are almost operatic.  In some songs, not even almost.  Whoever thought of having a classically trained female vocalist sing beautifully with metal playing behind her vocals is a freaking genius!  If you haven't already guessed, the show was a lot of fun.  I haven't headbanged since Poison and Def Leopard, so I was a bit out of practice, but I'm pretty proud of how I was able to keep up!  ;)

This morning, Jon went to the airport from our hotel in Atlanta to go out of town for work.  For two weeks.  It's so funny how things work, you know?  This time last year, we hadn't even met in person.  When we did finally meet (my fault, I put up walls because of the one kind of psycho guy I had met online before) it was often two weeks between our first few dates.  And it didn't seem like a long time, you know?  But now that we've been together for awhile and the relationship is going so well, two weeks seems like a year!  When you don't go more than two days without seeing someone and suddenly you don't see them for two weeks, it can be tough!  Of course, I'm going to be pretty busy because I'm house/puppy sitting for him while he is gone and this puppy can be a handful!  I love her and her crazy energy.  Wish I could bottle it up and sell it.  Or just use it myself.  Yeah, that would be good. 

So anyway, that's what's going on right now.  Here's a cute photo of us from the hotel in Atlanta.  I thought I would post it since I haven't posted a photo to this blog in awhile.

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