Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Journal Topics: Listening

What stops you from listening?

Repetition.  No seriously, I can't stand it.  If someone says something over and over, more than three times in a row, it makes me tune them out completely.  It goes the same for songs, stories, etc.  They say that comedy happens in threes, and I agree - but three is the limit!

Negativity.  If all you have to say is negative stuff all the time, don't say it to me!  I can't stand when people can't look on the bright side at all.  I'm not saying everything has to be positive all the time, but please don't constantly complain, and don't fuss about every little thing.  It drives me crazy.

Statements that attribute characteristics to entire groups of people.  People are individuals.  It makes me really mad when people say "All _______ are _________."  Like "all men are pigs" or "all women are bad drivers."

For the most part, I'm a good listener.  I love to talk with people about their problems, discuss current issues, and debate with people who disagree with me.  I love to listen to people talk about things that make them happy or sad, things they enjoy, events in their past, and how their day went.  Even if it was a bad day.  Actually, especially if it was a bad day, because that means you need to talk.  And I'm here to listen.

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