Tuesday, February 17, 2009

more auditions

This Thursday we are holding our last round of auditions. This time it's only for guys. I've cast the entire show except for two of the guys, so in a couple of days I'm hoping I get the people I need Thursday.

I felt horrible that the auditions didn't produce what I needed, but was told it always happens this way. There is a shocking shortage of guys at community theatre auditions. I never knew!

So yeah, by the end of this week, the show should be cast and we should be ready for the first readthrough. Several of my people already have their scripts and are working on their lines beforehand, which I think is great.

My only remaining problem is that my set designer hasn't given me any drawings yet, so I have no idea where my entrances and exits are, or where the furniture will be on the stage! I'll have to look into that tomorrow and see what's happening.

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