Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First readthrough tonight!

Well, the play is cast and we are reading through for the first time tonight! I'm almost finished with my basic blocking, which we will fine-tune during our blocking rehearsals, which will start tomorrow! I'm spending my lunch break at work finishing up the rehearsal schedule for March so that I can give it out tonight. I'm also creating a google calendar for rehearsals so that cast members can refer to it if they lose their paper copy. This is because I had a ton of calls when I stage managed the last show because cast members lost their calendars and didn't know if we had rehearsal that day. I know, I know... they are adults and should keep up with this stuff themselves. But it is community theatre and they are volunteers, so you do what you have to do in order to get them to rehearsals. Hopefully the google calendar will save the stage manager some calls, though.

I'll take some photos at the readthrough, just for fun. I'll probably post one or two here, just to show off my cast!

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