Monday, February 09, 2009

directing adventures: auditions

We are almost finished with auditions for my show. Tomorrow night is the last night, although if we don't get some more guys in, we may have to do another round of auditions! I got some great ladies tonight, several of whom would be great as Mrs. Graves, the oldest character in the cast. I still haven't made any decisions, but that's going to be the toughest role to cast, I think. There are just too many good candidates! Good problem to have, though, right?

Tomorrow night will be the moment of truth. If we get the guys we need, I'll be able to cast the entire show!

Auditions have been very interesting. I now really understand what directors are going through when I audition for them. I think this will make me a better auditioner in the future, which is always good!


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Auditions are great, especially when you've got lots of great choices. Hope the men show up tonight!

  2. Did the men show up? If I had talent and lived close by, I'd try out!