Monday, June 23, 2008

Journal topic: I am...

This time, the topic is simply: "I am..."

Lots of room for interpretation, huh? It brings to mind a song called "32 Flavors," which I love. While the singer doesn't actually list 32 flavors, I think that's what I'd like to do with this journal topic. Most of these will be positive about me, and that's okay. Sometimes I think we focus so much on the negative that we don't see the beauty in ourselves, so this is an exercise in being honest about my qualities and roles as a person, but also making sure to show that there are very good things about me. So here they are, my 32 flavors:

I am...
1. a daughter
2. a sister
3. a friend
4. an advocate
5. a believer
6. a skeptic
7. honest
8. loyal
9. loving
10. compassionate
11. sarcastic
12. friendly
13. musical
14. dramatic
15. energetic
16. introspective
17. creative
18. intense
19. easy going
20. funny
21. intelligent
22. single
23. straight
24. a Christian
25. an individual
26. a knitter
27. a writer
28. an actress
29. optimistic
30. political
31. altruistic
32. in the moment

You know, I could actually keep going. This was a fun exercise in thinking about my qualities and listing them. There may be some overlap with the 100 things about me list, but that's okay because they are both lists about me! Boy, I must really love listing things about myself, huh?

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