Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Rehearsal last night was pretty awesome. The songs are so hard, and I'm singing harmony in pretty much every song with the exception of my solo parts in two of the songs. Some of the other ladies have more solos, but that's okay. I like singing with the group. In fact, my favorite songs so far are the ones the entire company sings.

I'm working on a way to get a CD to all the cast members with our singing parts on it so we can practice at home. I think I figured out a way that will take very little effort, which is great because nobody has time to sit down and play all the parts or input them into a computer. The music director kept saying we could "bang it out at home" but several of us (including me) do not have a piano at home to "bang it out" on, so we can't do that! I really wish I had a piano. I'd totally take it back up and learn more. I was never a very good player, but with some more lessons and lots of practice, I think I could be a decent pianist. Maybe one day...

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