Friday, June 06, 2008

I have parts!

Okay, that title is strange, but I meant it to sound that way. I got an email from my director today with a list of parts I will be playing in Quilters. It's not a "normal" play because each actress plays a different part in each scene, so there's an opportunity to get to know several characters. It turns out I will be getting to know 11 different characters (possibly more, but so far it's 11.) Some are children and some are adults - all female, thank goodness! I've played a man before and never really liked the things I had to do to make that part convincing... let's just say it involved a very tight sports bra and sometimes Ace bandages to .. um.. flatten a certain area... So yeah, not really in the mood to do that every night for two weeks.

I have the first solo in the show, which is cool. It's a very sad and dramatic scene - actually, there's a trend in the casting as I've been placed in the most dramatic scenes as the most difficult characters, which is fine by me because I love a challenge. I was also told I would be in most of the songs, doing harmonies - which is also great because I love singing harmony parts. Anyone can do the melody, but the ones who sing the harmony are the ones who really make it beautiful! I would have liked a longer solo, or maybe another shorter one somewhere in the show, but no worries. I think it's going to work out very well and I'm going to have an amazing time doing this show! I'll be on stage most of the time, which is awesome! Our first rehearsal is the Tuesday after I get back into town. I can't wait to get started with everything, especially the music! So many of the songs are sung by the full ensemble, and a few of them feature 6 and even 7 part harmony. It's absolutely beautiful! Here's a little taste of one of my favorite (so far) songs from the show. It's an old song that we've sung in church before, but it's somehow more touching knowing its context in the story. This is a video of a production several years ago. I like how they posted it in black and white - like it's old, you know? I just think that's cool.


  1. I bet you've got parts. I've scene them! har har har... ;0)

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    QUILTERS is a lovely show. I'm delighted you're playing such wonderful parts!