Monday, July 16, 2007

some actual writing news

I won at least one of my recent bids, so I'll be working on a grant very soon! I'm looking forward to diving into the project. It's something I really believe in, and I think I'll enjoy writing it. Other than that, I've been working on some of my writing projects not listed on the sidebar here. I've been doing a little more world building for my fantasy series. I think the whole frenzy surrounding the release of the last Harry Potter book has made me really want to work on that story. Not that it will be anything like Harry Potter, but it's a children's fantasy like the HP books and it should be a series when I'm finished. I'm really excited about the concept. I hope I can flesh out the world(s) so that it will make sense and work for the story.

Rehearsal went well tonight. We had a couple of people drop out and the replacements were there tonight. That went well. Very well, actually! I think the show is really starting to take shape. I'm learning so much about so many different aspects of the theatre experience. I'm really happy I had this opportunity.

I never got that phone call. It is possible they will call this week, but I'm not getting my hopes up. There are at least four possible phone calls in the future, so I guess I'm okay.

I'm still waiting for something (call, letter, email, smoke signal) from the publisher who currently has the first three chapters of my first book. I'm working on some research to see who else I can send it to when I hear back from them. This particular one doesn't like simultaneous submissions, so I'm waiting. I wonder if getting an agent would help me at this point. I'm not sure.

On a more personal and shallow note, my hair is getting on my nerves. It's starting to get long. I usually cut it before now, but I wanted to see how long I could grow it before I get really sick of it and chop it off. It looks nice, so I hate to cut it now, but I really want to do it! I'm resisting the temptation, though. One thing is certain, it's time to touch up the color. I hate being able to see my roots! (told you it was shallow)

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  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Read WRITER'S MARKET from cover to cover. Make a list of A, B, C choices for agents and/or publishers, what they want in a query/submission package, and if they take simultaneous submissions. On your "A" list, send queries/packets to to everyone who accepts simuls FIRST. If they say no, then work your way through the non-simuls. Do the same for the B list and C list. You're more likely to get more hits more quickly than sitting around waiting because someone "doesn't like" simuls. Too damn bad -- this is our business, our livelihood, and we can't wait for months until they "get around" to us.