Sunday, July 08, 2007

Love my theatre people!

We had an early cast party last night and it was great... just a bunch of people sitting around, having great conversations. I think it's important for a cast and crew to get to know each other as people while they are getting to know each other in their roles in the production. The experience can be so much more rewarding if you make good friends along the way. Obviously this director feels the same way since he threw this very early cast party. We've really only been in rehearsal for a few weeks. Despite that, it seems like the cast is quickly becoming like a family. Rehearsals are going well too, which is good. I've been filling in for cast members who are on vacation, so I've played several characters since I started attending rehearsal. At the last one, I was Claudius in one scene and then Rosencrantz in the next. It was fun.

I put in a few more bids on freelance projects. One in particular is very promising, because they want someone local and I can't imagine there are too many local grant writers with my success rate. It's a great project, too. I think it would be very interesting to write.

I had a job interview not too long ago. They were kind enough to do it later in the day so that I wouldn't have to miss work. The job sounds wonderful and I hope it works out. I should find out this week or early next week. *crosses fingers*

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    Sending you good work vibes!