Monday, July 30, 2007

actively searching

I was told today that I'm actively searching for a job. This was after I told a friend that I had six resumes out right now. He laughed at me and said that meant I was actively searching. I did not disagree. The two I sent today are both very interesting and I know I would enjoy either of them. One may be kind of a long shot, but it never hurts to try, right? There is another one that I'm going to do tonight and send tomorrow. It has an online application that you fill out and then print to send, so I didn't do it today. I will not do any job search-related activities on company time. I refuse to do that.

Last night I updated my Web site a little. I really want to redesign the whole thing. It serves a different purpose now, so I need to make it look the part. I was worried about hurting my friend's feelings, because she designed the site, but you know what... she hasn't spoken to me in about six months, so I doubt we are really friends anymore anyway. Why should I care what she thinks? I've made some modifications anyway, so a redesign is just the next step. On my way home today I bought some books about using php and I'm going to teach myself how to code it so I can do the design myself. Anyway, the updates were to the fiction page. I added some poetry and reclassified two of my stories as "flash fiction" rather than short stories. They are really much shorter than the average short story, so they shouldn't have been in that category in the first place. I know that poetry doesn't really belong in fiction, but it was the only place I could think of to put it. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be okay there.

Rehearsal tonight... they are running the entire show, so I want to be there to see how the lighting cues are going to look. I'll be getting a script with the cues written in, but I want to really feel the way the lighting fits into the show rather than just sliding the levers when they tell me to do it. I am resisting the temptation to buy a shirt that says, "be nice to me or you will be taking your bow in the dark." Not because nobody is nice to me, but because I think it's so funny. Actually, the cast is great - you couldn't ask to meet nicer people.

More later.

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