Tuesday, July 31, 2007

outline finished

I finally finished the outline for the rest of Magnolia Tree. I even picked out the first place I plan to submit the story when it's finished and (heavily) edited. It's a smaller press, a regional one that likes southern stories. I think this story would be perfect for them. Plus, they don't require an agent. I should probably start thinking about the agent issue, especially with the Deadlines series. I have a feeling I'll need one for that one as well as the Draha series. Writer's Market book, here I come!

Rehearsal was great last night. There are some cast members who are just so compelling, so commanding on the stage that everyone in the room stops everything and watches. I was near tears a couple of times! There are some relationships in this play that are so believable, you would think they are real. It's pretty interesting to watch the characters emerge. I spent a little time in the light booth during rehearsal, watching the scenes from that perspective. I wanted to make sure I could see and hear everything. I could, so that's great.

Work was quiet today. I finally finished the newsletter, so it's printing now. I'm always happy when that particular project is finished. I got a call this afternoon to set up a phone interview with one of the organizations I really hoped would call back. I set up the interview, it's early next week, which is great because it gives me time to research the company and write some questions down.

I haven't talked about my personal life much lately, and that's mainly because I haven't had one lately! There was a guy I thought might be interesting, but I'm pretty sure he's interested in someone else. Sad, but that's the way it goes.

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