Thursday, November 09, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Current wordcount: 15,633
Today's wordcount: 3,233

Time spent writing: 2 hours and 30 minutes (approximately)
Time spent on NaNo Boards: 1 hour (word wars, mostly... one NaNoism)

Today's soundtrack: the Scrubs soundtrack, volumes 1 and 2
Today's mood: Great!

Wow! I think 3,233 is a personal best for one day! Well, at least it is for this year. Last year I had a couple of 3,000 days and one amazing 6,000 day, with a few 5,000 and 4,000 days mixed in. My target for today was 15,300 words, and I passed it by 333 words, which is great! I just posted a commitment to write 11,000 words during Veteran's Day Weekend, so tomorrow I really need to sit down and write! Good thing I'm off work, huh? I really need to get ahead, because I've just found out for sure that I'm going out of town for my birthday weekend, so I won't be doing much writing while I'm not at home, so I'm going to try to be at 30,000 by next Thursday. Luckily, I have the last week of November off from work, so I can finish during those days, but I'd rather not be rushing to finish. Last year was so nice, because I finished a few days early and just hung out on the forums and rested my fingers. I'm hoping I can do that again this year. Of course, the story is going to be much, much longer than 50,000 words, so I'll probably just keep writing even when I hit 50.

The story is still going well. Tori and Robert are, at this moment, having a picnic under the magnolia tree. They have no idea what is buried just a few feet under them. They will find out soon enough, though, and it won't be pleasant. I can't wait until she finds the trunk in the attic and starts reading the letters and diaries. That's when the story will really start to heat up (I hope!) I'll post my progress on the 11,000 word weekend here as well as on the forums.

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