Saturday, November 11, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 11

Current wordcount: 23,100
Today's wordcount: 3,091

Time spent writing: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Time spent on NaNo Boards: 20 minutes or so

Today's soundtrack: Madonna (a mix of old and new)
Today's mood: Pretty good

Didn't really carve out a special time to write like I wanted to, but managed to get quite a few words down late in the evening. I had planned to do what I did yesterday, just sit and write until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off, but a call from my sister begging me to watch the kids kind of cancelled those plans. Not that I minded, I always love spending the day with the kids. We went on another nature hike, this time without the GPS. There were no caches in the nature preserve we went to today, so we just took ourselves and a camera, and really had a nice time. I'll probably post one or two pictures later. I think it's very important to teach kids that nature is supposed to be enjoyed and respected, not abused and neglected. They are the future, after all, and this planet is bad enough without them adding to the problem. They love being outdoors, and they always have a blast counting the wildlife we see when we go on our little nature walks. This time we saw several different types of birds, many squirrels, some bees and other flying insects, and two very large spiders. Noah spotted one spider as he was wrapping a fly that had been caught in his web. We watched him prepare and then eat his dinner with morbid curiosity. We were all properly grossed out by it, but I think it was a very educational experience for them. Noah couldn't stop talking about how cool it was. Later, after my sister picked them up, I went shopping for their Christmas outfits. Every year, I take them to have Christmas portraits taken and then I give the prints to my family as gifts. They always really love having these Christmas pictures, so I'm going to keep doing it. I got a red dress for Hannah, a nice shirt and tie for Noah, and a cute little sweater with a snowflake on it for Kohl. They are going to look so beautiful in their new outfits! If I ever have children, they will be the most spoiled kids on the planet, I just know it... lol.

Anyway, so the writing was a late evening thing, but it still worked out well. I managed to get in a little over 3,000 words, bringing my weekend total to 7,467 words. I need to write 3,533 words tomorrow to win the 11,000 word Veteran's Day Weekend Challenge. Tori and Holly are going to go shopping for clothes tomorrow, and they will run into Robert in a coffee shop. Tori is also going to find out what being a part of "Southern Society" really means...

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