Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Unwritten" in another context

Looking at the song I posted yesterday makes me realize something. It's great when your life is "unwritten," a blank page with so many possibilities. It's another thing entirely when your book is unwritten. Literal blank pages are less fun. Needless to say, progress on "After the Storm" is not... well... progressing. I think hurricane season has drowned my creativity. With the news that the first tropical storm formed and has now hit land, everyone here was brought back into reality. The season is here and we have to deal with it. Fortunately this one wasn't bad. We don't know about the next.

In other news, I'm teaching Bible School again, which is always a blast. This year, two of my sister's children are in my class. Hannah and Kohl seem to be enjoying themselves. Well, that's not exactly true. Kohl (who is 2 years old) is having a blast. Hannah, on the other hand, (3 years old) is terrified of this massive blow-up moose that the decoration committee thought was a cool addition to the sanctuary stage. They brought the moose in while my class was finishing music last night. It took 4 adults to bring it in and it barely fit through the door! It almost looked real, like it was walking through the door by itself, the way they were carrying it. Hannah looked up, saw the moose, and screamed bloody murder, right in the middle of "This Little Light of Mine!" Everyone stopped and stared. She has an irrational fear of very large animals with antlers. Well, now that I think about it, not so irrational... they are kind of scary. But the funny thing is, she knows it's a blow up moose. She is perfectly aware of the fact that it can't and won't hurt her, but still she is afraid. She won't even let anyone she loves go near the thing, for fear that it will hurt them somehow. But then, I have no room to talk. I am perfectly aware that a man in a clown suit is probably not a knife wielding homicidal maniac with plans to murder me in my sleep, but still I am afraid of them. Thanks a lot, Stephen King!


  1. I couldn't go the bathroom at night for a week, once, because of Stephen King's description in The Shining.

  2. That was pretty bad. I recently started reading The Cell, and seriously considered throwing my cell phone away. I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm sure I'll never look at my cell phone the same way again.