Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Quick update

Just a quick update for now, hopefully I'll have some time to write more this evening.

Hannah's irrational fear of the blow up moose continues. However, she was able to enter the room it occupied last night without completely melting down. That's progress, right? (but I'm still afraid of clowns)

Bible School is exhausting. We finished Day 2 yesterday and I'm wishing it was Friday. Preschoolers in large quantities are even more frightening than clowns.

I wrote about 10 words on After the Storm yesterday. It's really not going well. However, my writing workshop starts next week, so hopefully that will help infuse me with creativity. And the writing class starts a couple of days later, so it should help too. Either that, or this summer I will completely burn myself out on writing and won't pick up a pen for 20 years. (I'm hoping that doesn't happen!)

My dad turned 60 yesterday. How did we all get so old?

That's it for now...

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