Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well, I didn't end up going home last night. Rhea called, so I went over to her house. She wanted to buy an iPod, and asked me if I would come with her. It was lots of fun. Then we went back to her house so she could put music on her new toy. All the songs we ripped from her CD collection for my iPod were already on her computer, so she transferred them. I had to leave before they finished transferring, so I hope it worked out okay.

Yesterday was a pretty good day at work. Lots of meetings. Today I'm going to work on our newsletter and (hopefully) our Web site. It's been a year long project so far, mostly because I keep stopping and working on other things, and then going back to the Web site when I have a little time. My deadline is July, though, so I'd better get finished pretty quickly!

Needless to say, no writing was done last night. Tonight is my writing workshop (the first one!) so I'll be doing something relating to writing this evening. Tomorrow night I plan to go straight home and write. I have writing class on Thursday and then Friday night Rhea and I are going to see The Lake House, so I won't get anything done then. Maybe Saturday I can sit down and write. I'm thinking I'll never catch up, but I still have July and August. I have a four day weekend coming up in July, so maybe I'll be able to get some work done then. I need to get back to my research on publishers who might want to take a look at Summer's Blossom. I'm not giving up on it just because one editor at one place didn't think it was right for them.

Today is a great day, by the way. The next Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich is on sale today! I will be going by a bookstore on my way to the writing workshop to pick up this book. I love the Stephanie Plum novels... they are just so much fun! So I'll have something fun to read this weekend.

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