Thursday, June 22, 2006

new obsessions can be fun

I spent an hour last night making playlists for my iPod. I now have a "mellow music" playlist, a "soundtrack" playlist for TV and movie soundtracks, a "Broadway" playlist for the soundtracks to Broadway shows, a "current favorites" list for the bands I'm really enjoying right now, an "eighties" list for songs from that era, an "instrumental" list for instrumental movie and TV scores, as well as classical music, and a "driving music" list for upbeat songs that are fun to drive to. I plan to create more lists, but those were good to start with. I downloaded the new Keane CD last night from iTunes and have been obsessively listening to it all day at work. It's really fabulous! One thing I love about iTunes is that you can keep up with who has a new album and can just download it, even if it's midnight. So much easier than driving to the music store and hoping they have it. I've decided iTunes is my favorite way to get music. It's just so easy.

On another subject, I got Janet Evanovich's newest Stephanie Plum novel the other day. It's "Twelve Sharp" and is absolutely hilarious. I'm not finished yet, but should be by the end of this coming weekend.

The writing workshop on Tuesday night was really cool. I'm excited about it and can't wait for next week. I have an assignment and have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but it's still fun. I need to spend some time brainstorming and hopefully I'll come up with something. I attend the other writing class for the first time tonight. I wonder what the other students will be like? I'm using this summer as an indicator, to let me know if I can really deal with going to class again. Hopefully it will help me decide what to do about Grad school. I hear the MFA calling to me...

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