Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bible School can be dangerous

So last night my nephew Kohl was stung by a wasp at Bible School. They were playing outside and it just sort of happened. Knowing him, he was trying to pull its wings off or something and it just defended itself. Of course, he couldn't stay at Bible School with a swollen arm, so I took him home. Not 5 minutes after I got back (after a 15 minute drive both ways) my other nephew, Noah, came out of his class crying. Some badly behaved child threw his Bible at Noah, cutting him above and below his eye, and across his nose. I really, really hope it doesn't leave a scar. He was trying so hard not to cry, but it was obviously very painful. So I took him home then, and insisted on taking Hannah with him because I didn't want anything to happen to her. It seems my sister's kids were marked for injury yesterday or something. Two out of three... the odds were not in her favor, wouldn't you say?

So there was drama last night. While I am really enjoying the experience of teaching Bible School, I kind of wish I could go home tonight and watch TV, or play The Sims, or both! Or sleep. Actually, that sounds best. What I really need to do is go home and write. I'm so behind on WriSum it's not even funny! Maybe this weekend I can catch up a bit. I don't have any plans, so it's possible.


  1. A little more violence and this Bible School will sound like a UFC training camp.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Hey, Anita, it's Diane (your cuzzin Bill's wife)! You betcha
    VBS can be dangerous! Throw
    kids into any mix and voila!~
    dangerous! A little kid threw a
    tiny plastic rocking horse
    at Drew, who was also little,
    and cut him above the eye. Required
    a trip to ER and stitches. Tiny scar. -- I hope Noah, Kohl & Hannah are all okay. -- Did you guys use Arctic Edge?
    We did. I worked in the kitchen.
    Write back! :-)

  3. Hey Diane! Nice to hear from you again. Yes, we did Arctic Edge and it really was a blast. I had the preschool class, which is something I'll never do again... but it was still fun.

    The kids are fine now. In fact, they don't even remember the trauma.

    So how are you? What's been going on? It's great to hear from you!